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“My experience traveling the country, walking with a backpack and a cap, as an Ecuadorian geologist does, allowed me to look at my country from a different perspective, understanding the value of connecting with people, from appreciating their knowledge and maintaining the simplicity to create friendships for life.

I understood the need to build an organization specialized in creating alliances and connections between government entities, the private sector and communities to create sustainable and impactful solutions. After more than 12 years leading the Curipamba project, I was able to understand that the most powerful way to solve social and environmental problems is to innovate by listening to people and generating value for local actors”.

– Fredy Salazar, Founder of the Salazar Foundation

The Salazar Foundation seeks to build a lasting positive legacy for those who live in communities impacted by mining projects. We rethink the territories with a medium and long-term vision, to generate greater opportunities for their inhabitants.


Fredy Salazar

CEO and Founder

Freddy Salazar


Simon Catt



Franklin Brito

Executive director

Daniel Latacunga

Productive Project coordinator


Executive director

Economist, Master in Management of Projects for Development, Diploma in Gender and Development, international courses in Human Rights and Sustainable Development. Specialist in design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of development programs and projects, with 25 years of experience in Strategic Planning, Community Development, Institutional Relations, and Conflict Management in the main non-governmental organizations in the country.


Productive Project coordinator

Food agroindustry engineer, MBA student with 5 years of experience in the development of new products, process industrialization, sensory evaluation, quality control, implementation and compliance with BPM, HACPP, NOP and Fair Trade safety standards with a focus on meeting goals, obtaining results and work ethic. With interest in the continuous improvement of processes, strategy, development and evaluation of projects.


We are a technical organization, specialized in generating development in the territories that receive mining projects, with the capacity to articulate the actors related to the industry and create innovative, socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable solutions, making possible a future of greater opportunities for the communities that receive mining projects. We provide a medium and long-term strategic perspective for these regions, ensuring a legacy of capabilities for local communities.


By 2030, Salazar Foundation will be the organization specialized in mining and sustainable development, leading the construction of synergies and inspiring the RRNN extractive industry in Ecuador and Latin America in generating innovation for inclusive and sustainable economic development, respecting the human rights and managing as a priority the environmental, social and economic risks of the communities that receive extractive projects.

What do we believe in?

We believe in the power of people who trust in their abilities and in the transformative potential of empowered communities who work in their development and who are given the power to influence the decisions that will affect their lives.
We believe in the potential of the mining industry to achieve inclusive and sustainable economic growth, to create jobs and decent work locally and regionally.
We want fair territories where people are valued and treated equally; more equal territories where a life of dignity and opportunities becomes a right for everyone.



Everyone, from employees to the population we work with, must feel that they can achieve positive changes.


We take responsibility for our actions. We encourage others, both individuals and private organizations and governments, to assume their responsibilities, fulfill their obligations and report back for their actions.


We adopt inclusive decision-making, and we recognize that all people have the same value, just because of the condition of being human. We believe that everyone has a contribution to make.


We ensure that people have relevant information and knowledge about sustainable development and align their lifestyles in harmony with nature.


We provide a medium and long-term strategic perspective for the prevention and preparation of environmental, social and economic challenges and risks, bringing the territories closer to the Sustainable Development Goals, thus ensuring a legacy of capacities in the local actors.


We promote and practice integrity and coherence in our actions and in our communication, which is serious, orderly and committed to honesty.

Programmatic strategy

Thinking about the times of the mining industry, we have 4 transversal axes that are the base of all our work:
  • 1

    Promotion of active participation
  • 2

    Local leadership development
  • 3

    Involvement of women
  • 4

    Environmental responsibility
Moreover, we have 2 areas of focus that allow us to cover major problems and guide us to possible solutions, as well as being always alert to respond to emergencies through our support networks.
Socioeconomic programmatic lines:
  1. Economic and productive development of mining territories
  2. Promotion of a healthy life and well-being
  3. Territorial competitiveness and development of local suppliers
  4. Strengthening of local cultural identity and construction of citizenship
  5. Strengthening of local cultural identity and construction of citizenship
Environmental programmatic lines:
  1. Conservation practices!
  2. Water and soil management
  3. Emission reduction
  4. Decrease in use of chemical supplies
  5. Waste management
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