Sewing and manual embroidery workshop

One of the customs of women in Sozoranga is sewing and manual embroidery, which has been lost due to easy access to industrially made clothes. With the appearance of covid-19, many families have restricted their access to nearby populated centers and their income to buy clothes has also decreased. Faced with this situation, women and adolescents were encouraged to participate in sewing and manual embroidery workshops to make basic clothing items, serving both as occupational therapy, to vary their daily activities and also to socialize and interact among the participants.


July to December, 2020


Implementation of sewing and manual embroidery workshops for women and adolescents from the Guallanamá, Matadero and Lucarani communities.

Impacted people

Guallanamá, Nueva Fátima, Sozoranga communities


Guallanamá, Nueva Fátima, Sozoranga


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